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We offer the public the latest in products, services, and information to upgrade diesel vehicles to run on Straight Vegetable Oil. Enviofuel can help you through the entire process from collection and filtration of used vegetable oil to installation of our system in your vehicle. We are here to provide you a gateway to using a renewable and economical alternative to overpriced, over-polluting fossil fuel. Contact us for more information about our custom install services.


Refuel Kit
Refuel Kit
$ 1625.00
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  • FAQs
  • Why SVO instead of biodiesel? Vegetable oil is completely chemical free, requires no production process, is non-corrosive (so it won’t harm...
  • Oil Gathering and Filtering Tips
  • There are a few options for oil collection, based on the amount of time, effort, and space you are willing...
  • Why Alternative Fuels
  • Who wouldn’t be interested in using a fuel that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and has almost half the emissions of regular...


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